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Past Speakers (by last name)

02/25/04 Baer, Michael R.
President - Jholdas Group
12/02/98 Bailie, David
Teacher/Coach - Central Gwinnett High School
09/16/16 Baker, Bob
Director, Transport Engineering, Turner Broadcasting.
11/16/16 Baker, Bob
Director, Transport Engineering, Turner Broadcasting.
05/29/13 Baltes, Craig
Enterprise Account Manager, Dell SecureWorks
03/26/08 Barber, Bakty
Mortgage Banker, Equity Services, Inc.
11/11/15 Barneycastle, Chris
Owner and President of Barneycastle Forestry Services, Inc.
08/10/05 Baron, Gerald
Owner - The Sales Surgeon
05/23/12 Baron, Gerald "Gerry"
Director, SATCOM Sales, Rockwell Collins, Inc.
11/19/14 Baron, Gerald "Gerry"
Chief Marketing Officer, Cirrity
11/17/93 Barrett, Steve
General Manager - WNIV Radio Station
12/20/06 Barry, James H.
President - Barry Construction Company
10/20/04 Bartkowski, Steve
Former NFL Quarterback - Atlanta Falcons
01/28/88 Bartkowski, Steve
Former NFL Quarterback - Atlanta Falcons
11/18/15 Batson, Bryan
President of Atlanta Gas Light, Chattanooga Gas and Florida City Gas, and
Senior Vice President, Southern Operations for AGL Resources.
06/16/10 Beard, Bob
Regional Sales Manager, Global Management Technologies, Inc.
09/15/93 Beaudine, Frank R. Jr.
Manager - Eastman & Beaudine, Inc.
10/08/03 Beaudine, Frank R. Jr.
Senior VP & Managing Director - Eastman & Beaudine, Inc.
11/10/99 Becker, Charles M.
Purchasing Consultant - Metamor Corporation
03/05/87 Becker, Hennie H.
Ordained Minister from South Africa
05/13/15 Beckley, Alan R..
Ordained Minister from South Africa
12/15/10 Beckman, Chuck
Founder and Managing Partner, Progility Partners
01/22/03 Beecher, Jack
President - Beecher Financial Service & Wealth Services
09/13/06 Belcher, Charlie
President - Allied Jet International
03/21/01 Bell, J. Frank
President and CEO - Intellinet
03/29/00 Benenati, Sam
Manager, Local Services & Access Mgt. - AT&T
04/07/88 Benenati, Sam
Senor Development Engineer, Major Fortune 500 Company
07/03/91 Benenati, Sam
Senor Development Consultant, AT&T New Market Sales
02/09/94 Benenati, Sam
Supervisor, COOTF, AT&T
03/11/09 Benton, Gil
Vice President of Product Development for Vendormate
07/24/02 Berg, Dan
Owner - Berganetti Builders
04/27/05 Bergeron, Dr. Rhett M.D.
Atlanta Center for Health and Regeneration
11/28/12 Bettis, Phill
Attorney at Law
02/27/13 Bettis, Phill
Attorney at Law
12/11/96 Bird, Wendell R.
Attorney at Law - Bird & Myers
09/14/05 Blackburn, Marlin
Sales and Management Consultant
10/19/05 Blackstock, Roger S.
Managing Partner - Peer Synergy Group, Inc.
03/12/03 Blake, Brooke
Security Training & Crime Prevention Officer, SunTrust Bank, Atlanta
04/16/14 Bland, Craig
Group Vice President - Gwinnett and Branch Manager for
Southeast Mortgage of Georgia
07/09/08 Blitch, D. Bird
Executive VP of Channel Alliances
10/22/87 Boland, Paul and Angie
Owners - Advanced Computer Concepts, etc.
08/21/02 Bolden, Gregory
Owner/Manager - Environment Control of So. Metro Atlanta
01/11/95 Bolt, Ron
Director, HR and Training - Network Communications, Inc.
06/08/16 Bolton, Drew
VP of Business Development, nuVizz Inc.
04/18/01 Bond, Vincent A.
President - Integrated Business Advantage
09/30/15 Boone, Richard "Buddy"
Boone, Real Estate Associate, Virtual Properties Realty
01/18/95 Boring, Bruce
Vice President - Wells Real Estate Funds
03/08/95 Botsford, Steve
Owner - Botsford Enterprises (Wallpaperfection)
07/30/87 Bouchard, Dan
Professional Hockey Player - Atlanta Flames, Winnipeg Jets
06/28/06 Bourke, Peter
Principal - The Complex Sale
08/26/09 Bourke, Peter
Principal - The Complex Sale and Volunteer Board Chair of
Crossroads Career Network
02/11/09 Bowlin, Ralph W.
Owner, Pelican Financial LLC
07/16/08 Bowling, Dan
The 3M Company
08/25/99 Boykin, Don
Assistant Managing Editor of Sports - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
06/28/90 Braden, Don
Financial Planner
01/20/10 Bradford, Reggie
Founder and CEO of Vitrue
07/26/95 Bradley, Pat
Vice President, Sales and Marketing - Digital Dimensions Inc. (St. Louis)
10/13/88 Branca, Jim
Owner Headquarters Companies (HQ) Atlanta
08/21/96 Brandon, Shannon
Director, Prof. Serv. Division - Matrix Resources
07/22/98 Brantley, Jack R. Jr.
VP of Telecom Industry Research - Elrick & Lavidge
08/26/98 Bridges, Clint
President - Net Planner Systems
08/14/96 Brink, Hank
Founder, President & CEO - Brink Processing Systems
01/24/96 Brockway, Sam
Founder and GM - The Plastics Group/Plastics Engr. Lab.
03/12/03 Brooke, Blake
Security Training & Crime Prevention Officer - SunTrust Bank
02/24/10 Brooks, Gary
Executive Vice President, Marketing, Bomgar Corporation
11/08/95 Broun, Paul C. Jr. MD
07/17/13 Brown, Dan
Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President, CredAbility
08/23/90 Brown, Denny
President, D.E. Brown & Associates
03/08/91 Brown, Denny
President, D.E. Brown & Associates
05/10/06 Brown, Don
Area Manager - Brennan Associates
03/25/15 Brown, Don
Founder and President of dBm Marketing, LLC
10/15/87 Brown, George
Exec. Administrator - FCCI
11/19/14 Brown, Gerry
Chief Marketing Officer, Cirrity,
02/23/00 Brown, Ivan C.
Superintendent of Police in Charge of Community Relations
02/15/91 Brown, Ken
President - Klein Allen Company
05/21/97 Brown, Kenneth R.
Executive Vice President - IMNET
07/28/99 Brown, Stephen A.
Risk Manager - National Insurance Mutual Fund
03/28/07 Broyles, Kevin E. Esq.
Managing Partner - FSB Corporate Counsel
10/25/06 Bruchey, Michael J.
Executive VP, Marketing & Business Development - HCG Software
03/26/03 Brugh, Mike
Operations Vice President/Unit Manager - FM Global's Forest Products
05/31/06 Brunson, Randy
Founding Principal - Centurion Advisory Group
04/28/10 Bryant, Wendell
Principal of Bryant Solutions Group, LLC
01/17/96 Buffington, Charles W. Jr.
Owner - C.W. Buffington and  Associates
05/07/87 Bugg, William A. Jr.
Exec. VP & So. Regional Mgr. - Cushman & Wakefield
05/20/92 Burgess, Michael H.
Bus. Development Mgr. - G.E. Capital
07/30/14 Burgess, Richard S.
Owner Broker, Priority Business Acquisitions, Inc. and
Priority Real Estate Services, LLC.
08/10/16 Burgess, Tom
Owner/President, Christian Brothers Automotive, Cumming, GA.
02/20/02 Burke, Brent
Senior Recruiting Mgr. - FirstPro
09/13/87 Burkholder, Clarence
Pilot - Flight Safety Corp.
01/15/90 Burkholder, Clarence
Pilot - Flight Safety Corp.
01/05/94 Burkholder, Clarence
Pilot - Flight Safety Corp.
12/10/03 Burton, Stacy
Owner/Broker, RE/MAX Northeast
07/25/07 Burton, Stacy
Owner/Broker, RE/MAX Northeast
12/17/08 Burton, Stacy
Owner/Broker, RE/MAX Northeast
01/14/15 Burton, Stacy
Owner/Broker, Amerirealty, Duluth, Georgia
07/23/03 Bury, Lance
Atorney at Law
04/22/92 Bush, Marty
Sales Representative - Dairy Distributors, Inc.
01/06/93 Butler, Al
Senior Engineer - Wegener Communications
01/23/08 Byars, Marty
President of Byars Funeral Home
04/09/08 Byars, Marty
President of Byars Funeral Home
04/15/09 Byers, Nick
President and CEO of Upward Logistics