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Past Speakers (by last name)

11/11/98 Haake, Harry
Financial Consultant - Sagemark Consulting
09/13/00 Habeck, Tim
President - Covenant Management
05/15/96 Haberkern, George J.
President/CEO - Team Solutions, Inc.
07/14/88 Hagelthorn, Jim
Salesman - Uforma/Shelby Business Forms
03/17/88 Hale, Joe
Former CEO - four companies
11/18/92 Hale, Joe
COO - TelAmerica Communications Corporation
02/25/98 Hale, Mike
Chief Information Officer - State of Georgia
07/22/92 Hale, Rick
CPA - Tarpley & Underwood
07/14/99 Halstead, Timothy M.
Senior Loan Officer - Fidelity National Mortgage
11/15/00 Ham, Larry
President and Owner - Bird Dog Trailer Sales
11/19/08 Hamby, Dick
President of Rising Fawn Equestrian Center, LLC
09/20/00 Hamilton, Mark
Founder/Pres/CEO - H&H Staffing Services, Inc. & Applied Wisdom, LLC
09/24/14 Hamilton, Mark
Founder/Pres/CEO - H&H Staffing Services, Inc. & Applied Wisdom, LLC
02/15/06 Hamilton, Mark
Founder/Pres/CEO - H&H Staffing Services, Inc. & Applied Wisdom, LLC
08/28/02 Hammond, Art
Financial Advisor - Principal Financial Group
04/14/10 Hanger, John
President and CEO, ContactAtOnce!
06/11/14 Hampton, Jamiel
CEO of Hampton Development Group, LLC
01/12/89 Harbuck, David
Owner, Fantastic Sam's, Norcross
04/26/91 Harbuck, David
Hair Stylist
09/15/88 Hardeman, Dave
Mechanic - Delta Airlines
09/09/98 Harding, Price
President - Bell Oaks Company
03/17/10 Harding III, Price
Founding Partner of CarterBaldwin.
02/21/96 Harmelin, Steven M.
President - Dove Business Systems
06/12/02 Harmon, Darrell
Operations Manager - Electronic Maintenance Associates
07/17/02 Harper, David J.
President/CEO - Executive Resources, Inc. & ERI Advisors LLC
06/16/88 Harper, Tom
Manager, Information Systems - Deutz Corporation
07/07/88 Harper, Tom
Manager, Information Systems - Deutz Corporation
08/29/07 Harris, Frank M.
CEO & President - G&H Franchising Corporation
08/27/08 Harris, John R.
Partner, Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP, Attorneys at Law
10/06/88 Harris, Mike
Section Manager - Hayes Computer Co.
11/09/05 Harris, Stan
Owner - Superior One-Stop Services
07/10/96 Haug, Gerald
President - Enterprise Software Consultants
08/04/99 Haverty, Rawson Jr.
Vice President - Haverty's Furniture Co., Inc.
05/11/94 Hawn, Dale
Co-founder - Atlanta Legal Copies
05/25/11 Hayes, Daniel
Financial Advisor, MassMutual
04/10/02 Haynes, John
Owner - Cornerstone Christian Bookstore
03/24/04 Hedges, John
Director, Sales Automation, Cingular Wireless
08/08/01 Heller, Stuart
President - Bio-tek Industries
10/21/15 Henderson, Dutch
Account Manager at Phoenix Wholesale Foodservice
09/08/10 Henderson, Larrid
President / CEO of Serengeti Investments, Inc. and
Three Rivers Industrial Corporation
07/20/16 Hensley, Jim
Division Sales Manager, Guaranty Trust Mortgage, Subsidiary of
Volunteer State Bank.
08/28/91 Herr, Tommy
All Star 2nd Baseman - New York Mets
11/20/13 Herring, Michael
Safety, Security, and Workers Comp Manager, Birchwood Foods,
Norcross Georgia.
09/09/92 Hesse, Doug
Owner - Hesse Financial Advisors
03/12/97 Hetzel, Zane
Owner - Arden International
07/08/92 Hickman, Gerald
VP Marketing & Sales - Electromagnetic Sciences
02/19/97 Hickman, Gerald
Vice President, Sales - EMS Wireless, Division of EMS
01/09/02 Hickman, Gerald
Sr. VP & General Manager - EMS Wireless, Div. of EMS
11/17/88 Hickman, Tom
Manager, Engr. Services - Wegener Communications
03/25/98 Highsmith, Bill
ComRep, Inc.
08/26/15 Hill, Sr., Brian
Managing Director, Client Solutions, EMC Corporation
01/30/08 Hill, Brian
Senior Account Executive, EMC Corporation
11/09/94 Hill, H. Bruce
CLU, ChFC, Agent - New York Life Financial Services
06/12/13 Hilley, Jim
Vice President, Business Development, Xpanxion
01/22/92 Hillman, Os
President - The Aslan Group, Ltd.
02/26/97 Hillman, Os
President - The Aslan Group, Ltd.
06/24/15 Hillman, Os

Founder & President of Aslan Group Publishing and
President of Marketplace Leaders

06/24/92 Hodges, Dr. Dewey H.
Professor, School of Aerospace Engr. - Georgia Tech
10/26/89 Hoffman, Joe
Architect & VP - Kohl, Hoffman & Gramigna
05/17/90 Hoffman, Joe
Architect & VP - Kohl, Hoffman & Gramigna
04/08/92 Hoffman, Joe
President - Hoffman Associates
10/18/00 Hohmann, Tim
Founder - Company Captain
05/12/93 Holloway, Strickland
10/07/92 Honess, Charles E. (Chuck)
Owner - Honess Financial Services
06/29/89 Hooks, Bob
Dir. of Bus. Reg. & Enforcement - Secretary of State, State of GA
03/14/07 Horne, Edward C. Jr.
Founder & President - EH Seminars & Consulting
09/12/12 Howard, Kindred
Founder of Family Upward
12/16/98 Howard, Steve
Quality Assurance Manager - Home Depot
10/06/93 Howard, Tony
Vice President - MONY Capital Markets, Inc.
05/19/10 Howe, Travis
Vice President of Sales for One2One Communications
06/28/17 Howe, Travis
President and Owner of Experimac, Cumming, Georgia
02/18/88 Howell, Jerry
Agent - Business Men's Assurance Company
08/27/87 Hucks, Terry
Owner - Quality Maintenance Company
09/14/94 Huff, Chris
Engineering Manager - AT&T Global Information Solutions
01/21/04 Huffman, Lee
CEO, Entrepreneur & Business Coach - ACTION Int'l of Gwinnett
07/28/88 Hutchins, Dr. Julian (Hutch)
Medical Doctor
09/30/92 Hutchins, Rick
  Co-founder/ VP - Sherrill Hutchins Financial Advisory Inc.
12/12/07 Hyche, John W.
Principal/Strategic Consulting, Level 5, LLC