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Larry Shrader
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Heinz Wegener
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Want to Share your Testimony or Refer a Speaker?

The requirements for a speaker at the luncheon are the following:

  1. The businessman has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. He is not in full time ministry.
  3. The businessman is employed at the time he shares his testimony.

Guidelines for sharing a testimony are as follows:

  1. Five minutes - general background of where the person grew up, attended school, career path, etc.
  2. Five minutes - how this person came to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  3. Ten to Fifteen minutes - what the Lord has been showing this person regarding business and their responsibilities as a businessman and leader.

Biosketches or resumes are needed to produce the two month flyer of speakers. This flyer should be complete before the first meeting of the following two month period so be sure the bios are faxed or emailed to Nan Wegener (770-886-8005 ext 21, fax 770-886-7964) no later than the last Wednesday prior to the first meeting.