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Christian businessmen
                sharing their faith in the workplace since 1985

NFL Logo Celebrating Over 30 Years of Ministry

The Norcross Fellowship Luncheon (NFL) meets at the Golden Corral, 3270 Satellite Blvd, Duluth, GA, 30096, at 12:00 every Wednesday. Join us at their incredible buffet for great food, fellowship, and community. Please consult the directions for information on how to get there.

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McNair Photo "Mac” McNair: My Four Wars
Lt. Col. Nimrod "Mac" McNair has had an extraordinary career, and this video contains some of his reminisces beginning as a World War II pilot and continuing through and beyond Vietnam.

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The following are a selection of helpful and uplifting resources.

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Angel On Ice Icon
WORLD is a weekly news magazine, and offers complete coverage of national and international news, all written from a Christian perspective. Angel on Ice celebrates the life of Kiara (Kia) McCoy and collects the journal entries from Kia relating to her battle with sarcoma and her enduring trust in God's soveregnty.

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