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Past Speakers (by last name)

07/07/93 Cain, Curtis
Chief Operating Officer - A.D.A.M. Software
10/26/00 Calder, J.C.
Branch Manager - LPL Financial Services
12/20/00 Calder, J.C.
Branch Manager - LPL Financial Services
12/13/00 Calloway, Craig
Executive VP, General Mgr. - Self Test Software
12/04/86 Cameron Family
11/12/87 Cameron, John and Family
Pastor - New Horizon Praise Fellowship
06/08/89 Camp, Steve
VP of Marketing & Sales, UMI Counseling
06/28/95 Camp, Steve
Regional Sales Manager - Anzac Computer Equipment
12/09/92 Campbell, Regi
Former President/CEO - COIN, Inc.
06/29/94 Campbell, Robert
President and CEO, Stockholder Systems, Inc.
04/15/98 Campbell, Robert
Founder & Principal - Strategic Growth Partners
02/24/93 Campbell, William C.
General Manager - National Network Communications
11/19/97 Canapa, Mark
Quality Manager - JB Hunt Transportation
01/28/15 Cannon, Ronnie
Principal, Cressa Atlanta
07/08/15 Cantrell, Craig
Production Test Engineer, Viasat.
10/22/14 Cantrell, Craig
  Broker/Owner of Living Stone Properties,
11/21/07 Cantrell, Craig
  Test Engineer, Sunrise Telecom
06/21/00 Cantrell, Greg
Realtor - RE/MAX Northeast
04/21/04 Cantrell, Greg
Realtor - Platinum Place Properties
12/04/96 Cantrell, Wesley E.
President and CEO - Lanier Worldwide, Inc.
03/26/87 Cape, Tom
Commercial R/E Broker - Lavista Associates, Inc.
04/20/89 Cape, Tom
Commercial R/E Broker - Lavista Associates, Inc.
10/23/02 Capobiano, Paul
President - ABC Sign Source
02/14/07 Carlson, Stephen M.
President - XI Interactive
11/14/01 Carlton, Curtis
V.P. External Relations - Coca-Cola North America
04/02/87 Carrier, Chris
Policeman - City of Lawrenceville, GA
10/27/88 Carrier, Chris
Policeman - City of Lawrenceville, GA
10/19/89 Carrier, Chris
Policeman - City of Lawrenceville, GA
11/09/89 Carrier, Chris
Policeman - City of Lawrenceville, GA
09/16/92 Carrier, Chris
Policeman - City of Lawrenceville, GA
09/28/94 Carsten, Jim
Sheriff - Gwinnett County, GA
05/12/10 Carsten, Jim
Former Sheriff - Gwinnett County, GA
06/30/10 Carsten, Jim
Owner - Carsten & Associates
05/28/97 Cathy, Dan T.
President - Chick-fil-A International
09/20/90 Cathy, S. Truett
Founder and Chairman - Chick-fil-A Restaurants
11/23/11 Champagne, Beau
Vice President and Branch Manager, RBC Bank
02/25/15 Chandler, Jason
President, Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation
08/31/05 Chandley, David
Meteorologist - Channel 2 Action News
02/12/03 Chaney, Darrel
Advisor to the Board of Directors, Tab Merchandising
02/15/17 Chapman, Joey
Principal of Air Filter Sales & Service, Inc., in Tucker, Georgia
10/08/08 Chapman, Mark
CFO of Vendormate
07/25/12 Chassner, Robert
Principal, RW Chassner & Associates
08/16/95 Chatham, J. David
President and Chief Executive - Chatham Holdings Corporation
11/17/10 Cho, Tommy
Owner of Tommy Cho Martial Arts
08/30/95 Chorey, Thomas V. Jr.
Attorney at Law - Vincent, Chorey, Taylor, & Feil
10/27/04 Chorey, Thomas V. Jr.
Attorney at Law - Chorey, Taylor, & Feil
03/31/04 Christopher, Gary
President - The Jholdas Group, Inc.
09/26/07 Cichanski, James B.
  Founder, President & CEO - Flex HR, Inc.
04/14/93 Clark, Bevan
President - Global Business Alliance Ltd
01/26/11 Clark, Joseph
Director of SAP Business Applications -
ECompanyStore/Instawares Holdings.
09/15/10 Clark, Tom
Commercial Real Estate Broker with Charis and Associates Realty
10/23/91 Clark, Tom
Senior VP of Retail - Kuppenheimers
10/08/08 Clarke, Jon Sr.
MySQL Account Manager with Sun Microsystems, Inc.
11/11/09 Clayton, Gary L.
Financial and Business Consultant for Clayton, Paulk and Associates
10/13/10 Clement, Jeff
Managing Director for Revolution Technologies' Atlanta Branch
08/23/17 Clemmer IV, Russell H.
VP of Market & Business Development with Legacy Partners
03/08/06 Cline, Don
Slaesman - Pro Power Solutions
02/23/05 Cloud, David
President - David C. Cloud & Associats, Inc.
04/18/07 Cloudt, Kevin
Software Developer - Cypress Communications
05/31/17 Coffey, Michael
Chief Operating Officer, H-E Parts
11/13/02 Cohn, Malcolm
Business Development Manager - UCB Films
11/20/02 Coker, Kathy
Manager - Excalibur Realty
11/16/05 Colavito, Joe
Director, External Training - Wells University
10/30/13 Colavito, Joe
Founder of Corevu, LLC
02/09/00 Coleman, Frank Sr.
Chief Operating Officer - Visionscapes, Inc.
01/25/06 Coleman, Frank Sr.
Chief Operating Officer - Visionscapes, Inc.
02/28/96 Collins, Dr. Glen C.
Principal Systems Engineer - Scientific Research Corporation
09/18/13 Colquitt, Calvin
Co-founder and President of Defying the Odds, and Founder and
CEO of Atlanta Intervention Center
07/19/00 Colwell, Terry
Owner - DB-2000 Construction, Inc.
10/11/90 Conger, Dan
President - Conger and Associates
12/19/01 Coniglione, Roy
President/Founder - International Brachytherapy (IBt, Inc.)
07/13/11 Conner, Lee
VP of Sales for BestWork DATA
01/27/93 Cook, Frank
VP of Operations - Daystar Digital
06/14/17 Rick Cope,
Founder and CEO, NanoLumens, Inc.
12/23/09 Corbin, Arthur
President and CEO of the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia
02/23/94 Coronato, Bob Sr.
President - PTL Equipment Manufacturing Company
10/30/02 Cory, Dr. Michael
Dr. of Chiropractic - Hovey Chiropractic Clinic
05/08/13 Cost, Rick
Chief Financial Officer for the Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS)
02/11/98 Cote, Mike
CFO - Multimedia Systems Integration (MSI)
06/04/87 Courson, Lanny
Founder, Harvest Press
05/17/95 Courson, Lanny
Print Shop Manager - AAA Blueprint
04/29/98 Covol, Michael H.
VP of Sales - Distinction Software
09/17/03 Covol, Michael H.
President - High Tech Sales
08/09/90 Crawford, John
Special Agent - Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
04/24/13 Crews, David O.
  CEO of View Point Health
10/14/09 Crews, David
  Deputy Director-Administrative Operations, GRN Comm. Service Board
12/21/94 Crews, David
  Assoc. Superintendent Bus. and Finance Div - Gwinnett Board of Ed
01/20/16 Crews, Don
  Owner and President of Handpiece Xpress, Inc.,
01/14/98 Crim, Dewey
Sr. VP of Corp. Dev./Board Member - Telecom Wireless Solutions
08/14/13 Crow, Brian
  CEO and Co-Founder of Verdeeco
06/09/93 Culpepper, Warren
Founder/Chairman - Culpepper and Associates (C&A)
07/08/09 Cunningham, Doug
Director Channel Sales, Ariba, Inc.
03/23/16 Curl, Ormond
Founder, The Precedent Group
10/16/13 Curl, Ormond
Founder, The Precedent Group
11/21/12 Curran, Nathaniel
Catering and Marketing Director, On The Border Northpoint
09/29/10 Curry, Bob
President, Curry Interests
11/14/01 Curtis, Carlton
VP, External Relations - Coca Cola
07/08/98 Curtis, Len
District Manager - Telecheck Services, Inc.
02/16/89 Czekala, Lane
Electrical Engineer - Wegener Communications
08/25/04 Czekala, Lane
Licensing Manager - THAT Corporation